Lambing Time 2016

It’s the time of year I look forward to, the change in the season, spring can finally arrive. Albeit we did get some snow showers among it all but on the whole the weather has been not too bad.

Most of our mummy sheep have had their lambs and are out enjoying the grass. The lambs are playfully testing their boundaries and as each day passes they stretch a little further from their mothers while they explore with their new friends. I love watching them, especially in the evening as the last drip of sunlight slips off the fields, the lambs come alive, racing, bouncing, darting around. You start to see their little personalities coming out. There are the ones who show off, literally have a dance off so show who’s better. Then there are the ones who get involved but are not interested in all that prancing about and then you have the ones who just like to follow along, quite happy following like sheep....which is quite appropriate.

This year I have been more involved with Lambing. Having two small children has hindered me helping out in the past few years but this year I have enjoyed feeling useful and being part of the farm. It brought it all back, as a child I loved spending time out in the shed, watching new life appear and at times helping them survive! This year has probably been my busiest year so far. Adding a lambing into my normal chaotic routines of work, nursery runs, childcare and reopening the cottage it has been interesting to say the least.

My kids have loved it. They really enjoy spending time in the sheds, getting mucky and playing with the pet lambs......poor wee soles! My daughter Ailsa I think would love to dress them up and bring them home. Thankfully all lambs have been kept in the shed! Maybe that will be an issue for another year!

Now that lambing is tailing off, it’s full steam ahead with work on the cottage. Work starts on the garden this week (please stay dry), along with the finishing touches to the interior decorating. Then to the best bit, dressing the rooms!! Photo's will follow shortly.

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